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When I lost my husband in 2018, I immediately turned to painting in an attempt to connect with him. I felt in my soul, that he was not gone but rather somewhere else that I couldn't see. Our time together was brief, but life-changing. Looking back, it was as if he was trying to prepare me for his departure before he left. On his lunch break, he sent me a video of a man who had a near-death experience during a medical procedure. This man's account  To see that video, click here.

I have discovered that painting and writing are the two ways that I am able to channel messages from a higher source.


It would be my honor to create a small piece of artwork in remembrance of your loved one. Please see examples below of pieces I have made in the past. Each piece is 100% intuitively guided. 


These paintings are an offering from me to you. There is no guarantee of what will appear, or what the painting will look like. The purpose is to allow what wants to come through without interference. 

Each channeled painting is a suggested $65 donation with shipping included. If this is not affordable for you at this time, please reach out anyway as the price is negotiable. It is my sincere intention to provide this service for all who want and need it during a time of grieving.  


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